Pictorial Tributes

Play a video of your special memories at birthdays, weddings, funerals or other special events in your life.

At Pictorial Tributes we can scan and touch up or edit your precious memories of photographs (hard copy and digital), slides and short video clips.

We can then convert them into a short (or long) movie with your favourite music or sound track for you to play at your special occasion.

We work on your photos to make them look as best as they can before creating the video. Images are placed in the order you require or we put together something in a more a random fashion.

Photo Editing

Video Editing

At Pictorial Tributes we can edit your video to achieve the look you want. Add sound tracks, cut out unwanted sections, insert and join video clips, add branding and text.

Talk to us about your requirements and how we can help you to achieve those.


Would you like a record of your special event? Weddings, birthdays, funerals, functions.

The team at Pictorial Tributes can attend and record your event and edit the footage to create a video for you to share and relive you special event.